Daniel Robert Childs

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Software Developer/Team Lead - Romax Technology/Romax InSight

January 2014 – Present

Romax InSight monitor and consult on wind turbines all over the world. They can also recommend, design and install new and improved designs to increase the turbine life.
Fleet Monitor is the flagship web software package for InSight used by wind monitoring engineers to analyse and report on the state of wind turbines.

Romax InSight was acquired by Castrol in Feb 2017.

Achievements & Responsibilities


Senior Software Developer - Nikon Metrology UK

February 2010 – December 2013

Nikon Metrology’s flagship software product is Camio, a CAD oriented package written primarily in C++. It drives industrial robotic arms and collects data using lasers and trigger touch probes. It is used to collect measurement data at a micro scale.
It is a large product used by industry leaders in the aerospace and automotive industry including Volkswagen AG, Jaguar and Boeing.
It is an extremely complex product containing millions of lines of code written over the last 20 years.

Achievements & Responsibilities


Software Developer (Junior-Senior) - DriveSentry Inc.

August 2005 – November 2009

DriveSentry was a personal data protection company whose main products were anti-virus, anti-rootkit and data encryption software.

There was also a smaller stand-alone USB version of the main product (DriveSentry GoAnywhere). DriveSentry was a startup company and this was a brand new product, designed and written from scratch.

Achievements & Responsibilities


Junior Software Developer - Bitarts

December 2004 – July 2005

Bitarts was a software security firm, specialising in copy protection and anti-piracy software wrappers.

Achievements & Responsibilities


Earlier Programming Work

Small websites for companies. I wrote a couple of games using C++ and DirectX.

Self employment

I am running and selling a product online to help people create and visualise interactive stories or choose your own adventure games. This can be found at www.crumblyheadgames.co.uk.

I’m responsible for the entire design, coding, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. I have learned a lot in this process, mostly about the commercial side of a business which I now appreciate a lot more. The next evolution of this product is to take it from the desktop to online.

The product uses the latest features of C++14, MFC, Boost, GraphViz and Crypto++.


Nottingham Trent University 2001-2003

BSC Computer Science (2:2)
Final Year Dissertation: Simulating Genetic Inheritance

West Nottinghamshire College 1999-2001

HND Computer Studies (MERIT)

The Manor Comprehensive School 1992-1999

Four A-Levels:

Nine GCSEs